About Us


Aims of LoVe Sounds Music

LoVe Sounds Music aims to build a community of music lovers! There is plenty of evidence to suggest the benefits of music and these include improving self-confidence, building relationships, creative expression and fun!


DJ Nina LoVe

Music has always been a big part of my life. With both my parents being musicians (classical) and a childhood spent doing performing arts in various forms, it was all I ever wanted to do. However, life doesn't always turn out how we expect! During my 20s I was concentrating on being a Mum, and going to university where I achieved a BSc (Hons) Sociology with Education and went on to do my teacher training, qualifying as a Primary Teacher in 2011. Having spent 6 years working in schools, as a class/supply teacher and as a teaching assistant in a special school, I decided to leave the education system. I went back to uni and did a Masters in Sound Art. I was already starting to make music a significant part of my life again as I started mixing dance music on vinyl in 2015. During my masters course I researched how community music could potentially help adolescents with mental health issues and this sparked the idea for LoVe Sounds. For my major project, I started to get the project going and have continued to develop my ideas ever since. Through LoVe Sounds Music I hope to use my passion for music and experience of working with young people to create opportunities to be creative, build confidence and have fun!